Fall has finally arrived, and residents have been busy making the most of it with some fun activities.  First, they enjoyed a lovely trip to the Ochsner Park Zoo in Baraboo.  The seniors interacted with a parakeet, a cockatoo, three tortoises, a skunk, and a donkey!  Special thanks to Zoo Specialist Tori Spinoso and her assistant who made this possible – everyone had a fabulous time.  Residents also made a cute pumpkin craft out of toilet paper rolls and fall decorations.  The craft pumpkins are now displayed in their rooms or on the shelf outside their rooms.  Lastly, the annual trip to Ski-Hi Orchard was in order for the folks in early October.  Their favorite reason for this visit are the delicious apple turnovers that Ski-Hi bakes daily!  The seniors also love how beautiful the orchard is in autumn.  What a fantastic couple of weeks it’s been!  To view photos, please click on the web album.